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 ===== Error Cases ===== ===== Error Cases =====
-There are some cases in which G38.x can raise a compilation error.\\ +There are some cases in which ''​G38.x'' ​can raise a compilation error.\\
- +
-**Start point too close to probe point**\\ +
-This occours when one or more axis positions are too close to probe final positions.\\ +
-The minimum delta, from start point/probe point, must be at least 0.254mm (0.01in). +
- +
- +
 +^  Error  ^  Description ​ ^
 +| ''​E0044:​ cannot move rotary axes druing probing'' ​ | This occours when in the ''​G38.x''​ is defined a rotary axis with target position different than actual position. |
 +| ''​E0047:​ cannot probe in inverse time feed mode'' ​ | This occours when is active ''​G93''​ (enable feed per inverse of time). |
 +| ''​E0048:​ cannot probe with cutter radius comp on''​ | This occours when a cutter radius compensation ''​G40/​G41.1/​G42/​G42.1''​ is active. |
 +| ''​E0049:​ cannot probe with zero feed rate'' ​       | This occours when feed rate ''​F''​ is set to zero. |
 +| ''​E0162:​ start point too close to probe point'' ​   | This occours when the delta interpolated movement from start point to probe point is lower 0.254mm (0.01in). |
 ===== Notes ===== ===== Notes =====
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