AN013 - Cancellation of the error signaled by two flashes of the ERR LED

If the card shows the ERR LED flashing with two flashes, a CRC error has occurred in the internal memory. This error is persistent and can be deleted. The procedure for cancellation is :

  • Turn on the RosettaCNC board with the FUNC button pressed.
  • The board starts up in a special way and LED L1 lights up.
  • If the error is present, LED L1 flashes.
  • Pressing the BOOT button for 2 seconds starts a procedure to clear the error. In addition, the POW led starts flashing to indicate that the selected function is running.
  • When the execution of the function ends, the POW led stops flashing.
  • Restart the RosettaCNC card
  • At the first connection with the RosettaCNC software, if different parameters are intercepted, always answer DONWLOAD (The data in the PC are valid)
  • Last modified: 2021/09/23 11:27
  • by cnc202