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1. RosettaCNC API Client for Python



Description: RosettaCNC CNC API Client Core plugin for Python
Link: http://wiki.rosettacnc.com/en/software/rosettacncapiclientcore
Release documento Descrizione Note Data
01 First release / 20/04/2021


The RosettaCNC Control Software has an API Server inside through which it makes it possible, for an external user program to perform many actions:

  • To get info about CNC as axis-positions, states, etc.
  • To get info about loaded G-Code program as used tools, estimated work time, etc.
  • To send a G-Code program to Control Software, modify a loaded program, add new lines to the program, program analysis, etc.
  • To send commands to CNC as HOMING, START, STOP, execute MDI program, etc.
  • Many other interesting features will be described later in the document…..

With the API Server features, anyone will be able to create a “custom” Control Software User Interface for the CNC.
The external user program will only have to implement an API Client to be able to access all the functions which will then be described in detail.

In this document, we will describe how to use the cnc-api-client-core Python plugin library to obtain that.

2. System Overview

3. API Client Core Installation

The implementation of the API Client for Python is implemented in the cnc-api-client-core package and made available on the PyPi site.
Packages are currently available for Python 3.9/3.10 Win64 architecture.

To install and check the package open a CMD console and follow below instructions:

> pip install cnc-api-client-core
  Collecting cnc-api-client-core
    Using cached cnc_api_client_core-1.0.1-cp39-cp39-win_amd64.whl (104 kB)
  Installing collected packages: cnc-api-client-core
  Successfully installed cnc-api-client-core-1.0.1
> python
  Python 3.9.12 (tags/v3.9.12:b28265d, Mar 23 2022, 23:52:46) [MSC v.1929 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32
  Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
  >>> import cnc_api_client_core as cnc
  >>> dir(cnc)
  ['ANALYSIS_MT', 'ANALYSIS_RF', 'ANALYSIS_RT', 'ANALYSIS_RV', 'ANALYSIS_RZ', 'APIAnalogInputs', 'APIAnalogOutputs'...]  

4. Classes

connect(host: str, port: int) -> bool:

Opens the connection with the specified API server host/port.

host str The server host address to connect to (eg.'').
port int The server host port to connect to (valid range 0..65535).
return bool True if the connection with the API server has been established.

close()-> bool:

Closes the current connection with the API server.

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