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Document: MIMIQ023
Description: Installation and Maintenance manual
Link: http://wiki.rosettacnc.com/en/hardware:accessori:mimiq023
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01 01 New manual / 14/10/2021

1. Introduction

The IQ023 makes available on the Personal computer side 24 digital inputs, 8 analog inputs and 4 MPG inputs. It is a USB interface connected to the PC where the control software is installed. The accessory is indicated for providing I/O for commands on the pulpit.

Useful Information and tips

Warnings, failure to comply with these warnings may result in inappropriate operation or damage to the device

Potential danger and possible risk of injury

  • n.1 IQ023
  • n.1 USB micro-B cable


The fixing on the panel is carried out by attaching the instrument to an omega guide.

Guida Omega: DIN 46277/ 3

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  • a - Ordering Code
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Part number Model Features
94460227 IQ023/A/USB/50 USB interface with 24 digiral inputs, 4 MPG and 8 analog inputs.

Description Value
Weight (maximum hardware configuration) 130g
Container material PVC
Temperature range 0 ÷ 50 ° C
Transport and storage temperature -25 ÷ + 70 ° C
Relative humidity 90% non-condensing
Altitude 0 - 2000m a.s.l.

Dimensions in mm


2. Connections

The wiring must be carried out by specialized personnel and provided with appropriate anti-static measures.
Before handling the instrument, remove voltage and all parts connected to it.
To ensure with the CE compliance, The supply voltage must have a galvanic insulation of at least 1500 Vac.

The IQ023 is powered by the 5V of the USB port.

A+ A0 A1 A2 A3 GND +5 E1A E1B E2A E2B D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 D10 D11 D12 GND
A+ A4 A5 A6 A7 GND +5 E3A E3B E4A E4B D13 D14 D15 D16 D17 D18 D19 D20 D21 D22 D23 D24 GND

D1-D24Digital inputs NPN
E1APhase A of MPG 1
E1BPhase B of MPG 1
E2APhase A of MPG 2
E2BPhase B of MPG 2
E3APhase A of MPG 3
E3BPhase B of MPG 3
E4APhase A of MPG 4
E4BPhase B of MPG 4
A0-A7Analog inputs 0-3.3V, 16bit
GND0V for analog and digital inputs
A+3.3Vdc out for analog inputs
+55Vdc out Digital inputs

The digital inputs are of the NPN type and must be connected to 0V to activate them Encoder inputs

The inputs of the encoder phases are of the NPN type and must be connected to 0V to activate them Analog inputs

Analog inputs accept a voltage range from 0 to 3.3Vdc.

  • For resource mapping (digital inputs, analogue inputs and MPG) refer to the documentation of the board used.
  • If MPGs are not used, Phase A and B signals can be used as digital inputs.
  • In the digital inputs DO NOT connect devices that require NC logic but only NO.

The accessory can be used with control software version 1.9.4 or later.
To enable use in the board settings, set the parameter marked in red as shown in the figure:

For resource mapping (digital inputs, analogue inputs and MPG) refer to the documentation of the board used.

3. Grants

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