4. Change Board IP Dialog

Program Settings panel permits to sets the Control Software behavior.
The following images represent the settings captured from the default machine just as after a clean installation and are only for samples.

If you click the Change IP button, and the connection with the CNC board is already active, a dialog will be prompt:

Pressing the Continue button, the connection with the CNC will be automatically closed to allow viewing the Change Board IP panel:

Network Adapters [IPv4]
This panel displays all the Network Adapters for the Internet Protocol version 4 that can be reached by the Control Software.
For each adapter in the list, the IP address, the NETMASK, and the NET NAME are available.
CNC Board List
This panel will show the list of found CNC Boards in the selected Network.
The first list column represents the MAC Address of the CNC Boards.
The second list column represents the Serial Number of the CNC Boards.
CNC Board Data
This panel will show the CNC Board data of the selected item in the CNC Board List.
Some data are READ-ONLY and fixed during the manufacturing of the card.
Some data are disabled and cannot be changed in any way.
  • MAC Address
It is the factory MAC Address assigned to the CNC board (READ-ONLY).
  • Serial Number
It is the factory Serial Number assigned to the CNC board (READ-ONLY).
  • IP Address
Defines the IP Address of the CNC Board.
  • Netmask
Defines the Netmask of the NET in which the CNC Board is connected.
Direct CNC Board Serial Number Search
Permits to search a CNC Board for a specific Serial Number.
If left empty the Search operation will return any found CNC Board.
By pressing the Search button, the search for the CNC Boards connected in the selected Network Adapter will start.
The search procedure uses UDP packets to discover the connected CNC Boards.
If the Control Software is running in a Virtual Machine that does not have a LAN configured in BRIDGED MODE the packets may not be forwarded correctly.
To let you know that a dialog pops up to remind you of this:
By pressing the Write button, all modified CNC Board Data will be sent to the selected CNC Board.
At the end of the writing operation, an automatic re-reading of the CNC card data is performed to allow a quick check of what has been written.
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