3. CNC Board States

The active CNC Board state is always visible in the status bar of the Control Software as marked in the red rectangle.

The CNC Board can be in one of the following internal states:

  • INIT
Waiting for internal state initialization.
The CNC Board is in the initialization phase of the main modules.
Waiting for the EtherCAT Fieldbus to be initialized (all slaves in OPERATIONAL).
The CNC Board is in the initialization phase and waiting for the EtherCAT Fieldbus to be initialized.
When the CNC Board catches an alarm condition stops any activity and enters in ALARM state.
In this case:
  1. The running G-Code Program\Macro\MDI is stopped in the current block.
  2. Any other activity (JOG, Homing, Scan 3D, etc) is stopped immediately.
  3. The axes' movements are stopped without deceleration ramps.
  4. The Homing references, if CNC doesn't use absolute encoders with EtherCAT configuration, are invalidated and back in the red state.
  5. All AUX outputs are automatically placed in the OFF state.
This state remains till all alarms cause are removed and the alarms list is cleared.
To clear alarms list:
  1. Activate the user input with assigned the feature Reset Alamars.
  2. Press CTRL+F11 in the Control Software.
  3. Double click on the alarm message to who Alarms panel and click the Reset button.
  4. From the main menu
  • IDLE
The CNC Board is in the IDLE state ready to execute a command.
The CNC Board is in the HOMING state and one or more axes are doing the homing research.
  • JOG
The CNC Board is in the JOG state and one or more axes are doing a Jog movement.
  • RUN
The CNC Board is in the RUN state and a G-Code Program/Macro/MDI is executing.
The CNC Board is in the PAUSE state and a G-Code Program/Macro/MDI is in pause.
The CNC Board is in the LIMIT state because one or more LIMIT digital input is active.
  • SCAN3D
The CNC Board is in the SCAN3D state.
Jog is allowed with reduced speed.
CNC is in SAFETY state and JOG movements are allowed with reduced speed.
CNC Board is performing a tool changing procedure.
All axes are disabled, the main power can be switched off without causing an alarm.
The CNC Board enters in this state when the
The CNC Board enters into this state depending on the Withdraw/Retract Tool at Stop Settings parameters defined in the Board Settings (See Description).
Withdraw/Retract Tool feature permits to define what CNC has to do when a STOP action is requested to CNC (eg: STOP user input goes active).
It permits to extract the tool from the stock of a desired distance and velocity.
After Withdraw/Retract Tool action CNC will execute the STOP action and will enter in IDLE state.

TAKE CARE: If the CNC has not searched for the reference point (homing), the CNC will not carry out the Withdraw/Retract Tool procedure.

Control Software has two extra states depending on the connection state with the CNC Board or the state of the Simulator:

CNC is not connected with the Control Software.
The Control software is in Simulator state.
To enter in the Simulator state is not necessary to be connected with a CNC Board.
If the Control Software is connected with a CNC Board to enter in Simulator state the board must be in IDLE state.
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