1. System Overview

The RosettaCNC System is composed of 4 main parts:

  1. The CNC Board.
  2. The Control Software.
  3. The Communications Service.
  4. The Plugin Industry 4.0 (optional).

The CNC Board, or simply the “Board”, is a complete CNC controller built over a proprietary powerful Industrial Real-Time Operating System called QMOS.
It contains all features to manage independently the Axes Interpolations, the Smoothing Engine, Jerk Control, and RTCP algorithms, the Digitals and Analogs I/O, the Modbus, and EtherCAT Fieldbus, and so on.
The Board communicates with the other parts of the system using a fast and secure multi-port ETH connection.

The Control Software is a powerful UI Environment, for Windows OS used to manage and program the Board.
Through the Control Software, you can load and create the G-Code programs, configure and monitor the Board, and simulate/analyze a program with virtual machines before running it with the Board.

To meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 a dedicated plugin for RosettaCNC has been developed.
With this plugin your CNC can:

  • Communicate with other systems using the OPC-UA secure industrial protocol.
  • Send files to your CNC using FTP or the secure FTPES.
  • Send alarm notifications using emails.
  • Record CNC events on a CSV file.

Using the OPC-UA protocol almost all CNC data can be read from a standard OPC-UA client.

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